Sunday, October 2, 2011

how to unblock most sites in Malaysia

Step 1
Click on the 'Open Network & Sharing Center'

Step 2
Click on the 'Change adapter setting'

Step 3
Right click on the adapter that u get your internet from, for my case i'm using a USB wireless adapter.......
then choose 'Properties'
Step 4
Double click on the  'Internet Protocol Version 4'

Step 5
Change the DNS server number to like so..... and Voila,u good to go~!!!! u can try also or which ever works la~
Enjoy~!!!! (i know u might miss some sites..... he3)

Sept Rocket Fest!!!

Last Friday was one of the most paling exiting day eva~!!! Cos me and my housemates pergi berkelah sambil main rocket!!!!
Hah, try and top that,you guys (especially to those who duk rumah sewe.... he3)

The day before, i was so bored and i made a rocket to play, (it was night.....) and because i didn't properly compact the fuel, it flew like u say, um.....crap~!! so i went back and made 6 rocket shells to play the nex day (which is Friday, man,i've been writing this and waiting the video to upload since 10Pm Sat, and its already Sunday.....tak bleh complaint when u use stolen wifi..... ho3)~

I made a brand new remote ignitor that have 3 fuse,hey there's 4 buttons there.... why 3 fuse only? you may ask..... my diode stock abis d....aih, ader 3 jer, so with a build in 12Vdc batery for the ignitor, its pretty sweet though...... but if only i can come up with a smaller version (that uses less Vdc,shenang sheket.....)

transmitter over the receiver of the ignitor~
below is a simple video of the basic idea of how the ignitor works ^_^ 

Now done with the technical part, let see some rocket soar the sky~!!!! muahahaha
Please pardon the language used in the nex vid.... he3.....  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ader geng~

hari ni kawan baek ku dtg ke rumah..... name dier Firdaus a.k.a fidud, ni kat bawah ni,..... he3

since aku pun boring and dier pon boring today we decided utk g main rocket~!!!! Muahahhaha~!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Houston We Have Lift- Off~!!!

Akhirnya, ignition system yg aku wat tempoh hari da berjaya!!! Semalam, 3 trial telah dibuat..... and ONLY 1 terbang straight.... ha3..... yg lain ke kiri jer.....
tak tau lah kenape die asyik nk kekiri jer..... jgn kene aku suda....ha3

So here, aku da uploadkan video untuk tatapan mata gatal korang sumer...... ^_^
Sila comment, sape tak komen pas tgk aku tak bg duit raya~ ha3

Monday, August 8, 2011

ignition system is now complete.....

since i've successfully flew my KNO3 rocket yg  kecik up up n away...... i need a ignition system so that i can launch the rocket from a safe distance,...... The 13th attempt have been a disaster (mcm appollo 13 plak kan) when the rocket was out of cos and flew towards my brother who is close to it, he end up having his arm burned..... ~_~ so sorry bro......

so that's why i'm made this thing......

FINALLY i remembered my PASSWORD~!!!!!

alhmdllh i finally i remembered my password to log in to my blog...... man its been ages since i updated my blog...... i mean its so long long ago, the earth had circle half way through...... ITS THAT LOOOONGGG2 time ago.....

well, since then, i think that's quite a progress on my life though...... like wat u asked?
well..... hmmm let me see....
 -i've got my rocket project running~!!!! (hurray for me....!!!)
 -my holiday is about to finish.....
 -i've got fatter..... ha2 (wonder how that happen....pfft)
 -pretty much thats it.....
 my life is kindda boring.... NOT~ i like it~ ^_^ (other than the getting fatter part la.....)

there's tons of stuff i want to upload n story2 bout tho...... till then.... bye~